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Who Are We

We are a freelance web design firm functional through Abuja and Lagos, with 10 years of experience in the web design arena. 

Our Mission

To work with our team of experts to provide quality, responsive and SEO friendly websites at affordable rates to our clients.

Our Vision

To one day be the engine that ensures that every business no matter how small possesses a website.

Our history

We are a freelance web design firm functional through Abuja and Lagos, formerly known as Sketchstage Nigeria.
Webry Media boasts of 10 years of experience in the web design arena. 
Our CEO, Mr. Poroku Seyi believes Webry Media to be a pioneer of a seamless digital freelance webdesign system in Nigeria. He believes that  a day will come where by people will be at ease to use their mobile to order for creation of a website with an online interaction and still get the best of service requested. Webry Media has contacts ranging from Nigeria at other parts of Africa. Our reputation precedes which is built on trust, affordable and smooth packages of payment and rendering of our services.

Our Process



By consultation, we help determine what you are looking for, taking in to consideration current branding, tone, imagery, typography, colours, styles and website needs. 


Site Brief

This collates all requirements and is the foundation on which your website is designed. The brief lists all your requirements, documents, page structures and details – a valuable reference point for a designer


Design conception

 This stage provides you will a visual representation of your website needs. A lot of attention is given to the use of imagery, styles, typography, personal details and requirements.


Technical engineering

This work is divided among a core team of designers and programmers. Images and ideas are converted to html and site structure and diagrams become code. Any additional features such as database development, Flash animation and other functionality will be integrated at this stage.



Your feedback on the concepts is vitally important. This stage enables you to make adjustments and recommendations via consultation with the design team at SCK. Following submission, your changes are carried out on the concepts and resupplied for final changes.



This involves testing all design and development for cross-platform and browser compatibility to make sure your website works on any PC and browser like Internet Explorer and Netscape. Once testing is complete, we launch the website and submit it to all major search engines.

Projects Completed
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